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Audio Mastering
Audio Mastering is as integral to the success of any music track as is its composition, performance, recording and mixing components. Mastering is that final crucial ingredient in the recipe that takes the track from good to great–from catchy to unforgettable. Every song requires the insight of the Mastering Engineer to understand the creative intent of the piece and have the experience, intuitions and support environment to bring it to its fullest, most dynamic realization. As a music creator himself, Clay Burton brings to his Mastering work an informed perspective from the other side of the microphone. With a foundation in the creative, performance and recording processes, he brings an understanding of the need to enhance and clarify an audio track without altering its true colors or dynamics. While the highest quality audio gear is of course critical and irreplaceable in the Mastering process, it is the human ear and creative heart that transforms an otherwise serviceable audio work into a moving, memorable audio experience.

CD/Streaming ready | Clean to Colored | Can work with both stereo audio or track stems

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DER TRAFIKANT (Recording engineer & Mixing engineer)

Bludwork – Painkiller (Final Mix & Album Master)

Pare – Parks Burton (Album Master)

Oren Pine – Sad Tiger (Final Album Mix & Master)

MELÆNCOLIA-I – City Of Orchestras (Final Album Mix & Master)

as body lies in sand – SO//CAN//X (Album Master)

Trust – Daydreams (Album Master)

With Closed Eyes – Grace Fellows (Record & Mix)