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To watch in HD click vimeo in the bottom right of the video. Vimeo Pro one day…

Audio composed with the Serge MMS♥ at Calarts.

Video created with MaxMsp and cheap effects.

!!A Flash Safety Warning!!: If you have epilepsy I would not recommend watching this video! There is A LOT of flashing! If you don’t know, ask your self “have I ever stared into a strobe light for hours?”. If yes, then you are good to watch! If you have never stared into a strobe light, turn to page 27.


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In due corse

Ambisonic piece by Ana Moran, Maia Francisco, Ying Shi, Giuliano Bracci, Beto Machado, Clay Burton, Semay Wu
METTER TIJ D a 6 channel piece evolved from field recordings using the ambisonic mic which is a full- sphere surround sound technique. In addition to the horizontal plane, it covers sound sources above and below the listener.
Some very good days on the coast of the Netherlands.